Glassblowing Workshops By The Sea​

In the workshop you’ll blow glass as a team.
You’ll work on one item per station at a time.
You’ll blow 1 item per hour in each station.

Workshop Pricing


Prices on weekends & Holidays: +10%
You will make 1 glass piece per hour per station ( as a group, not individually)

Workshop Prices Include

Entry fee for Caesarea Harbor (14 NIS / person)
Private furnace & Instructor.
Creating one piece per furnace per hour hour.
Clear and colored glass.
Beer, coffee, juice, and cookies.

Delivery of your pieces to 1 Israel address about 2 weeks after the workshop: Glass will leave the cooling oven two days after your workshop + finishing, packaging, and delivery by messenger.

Things you can create at workshop

Our view

The studio is located at the top of the crusader fortress at the ancient Caesarea port


Are you open during Covid19 times?
Yes, we’re open for private workshops (couples/ families/ small groups).

From what age can children participate in the workshop?

Five years old and up.

Is the workshop appropriate for a company fun day?
It’s the perfect activity for small teams and companies looking for something new and exciting to do together.

Is the workshop appropriate for a birthday?
Certainly. You can also bring your own cake and extras, and to add them to the goodies we provide.

Will we be alone in the workshop?
For small groups (8 or less) you might have another separate workshop with a different instructor at the other station. For large groups – you’ll be alone.

Can I choose what to make in the workshop?
Yes. You can make a glass, shot glass, salad bowl, vase, flowerpot, light fixture, sculpted flower, or something you come up with..

Is it hard to blow glass?
No. We’ll walk you through it one step at a time.

What days are you open for workshops?

The studio is open 7 days a week.

How far in advance do I have to make a reservation?
It depends on how busy we are.